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Who is Bridgford Foods?

Bridgford Foods Corporation traces its roots back 90 years to 1932, when our founder Hugh H. Bridgford (1908-1992) opened a retail meat market in San Diego, California. Our business first evolved into several retail meat markets, and later to meat wholesaling, frozen food distribution, meat processing and frozen food manufacturing. The Company is now headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The Company has five production facilities: two in Dallas, and one each in Anaheim, California, Chicago, Illinois, and Statesville, North Carolina.

Bridgford Foods pioneered the manufacture and sale of frozen bread dough to supermarkets and institutional customers, beginning in 1962. The first products were made at the Anaheim meat-processing facility. Additional frozen bread plants were added in Dallas in 1968 and 1985, and in Statesville, North Carolina in 1996. In 1975, we acquired our Chicago meat processing facility, which has a heavy emphasis on dry and semi-dry sausage, as well as beef jerky. In 2017, we acquired an additional processing plant in Chicago, and we completed the transition to this new facility in late 2020.

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