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Matt Stefan: 5 things you MUST have on your boat!

Matt Stefen is always prepared for a day on the water
Matt Stefan has some advice on five items to always have on your boat. Photo by Joel Shangle.

By Matt Stefan
Bridgford Fishing Team

Here are five of the many items I always keep in the Bridgford Fishing Team Skeeter that can change a bad day into a good day:

1). A screwdriver set: I have a screwdriver that has all the different screwdriver bits hidden inside of the handle. This comes in handy all the time for me. Whether it’s for tightening the trolling-motor bracket, a transducer mount or screws in your reels, it’s always handy to have a screwdriver set in your boat.

2). Electrical tape: This can be used to cover transducer wires that have been damaged, tape wires that run throughout the boat, and temporarily keep a rod guide from falling off.

3). Lighter: A lighter can be used to repair rod tips, melt plastic lures back together and in extreme cases start a fire if you get stranded for a night.

4). Socket wrench set: Too many times I’ve had my motor mount loosen due to a loose nut. Often times I’ll also have to tighten my Power-Poles, and in rare occasions use a socket wrench to get my spare tire off the trailer.

5). Hydrogen peroxide: I always carry a bottle of hydrogen peroxide to clean out an injury, prevent stains from occur ring on the boat carpet, and most importantly, pour it on a fish wound to prevent mortality.

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